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Welcome To America Connects

with Rob Dalton

America Connects with host Rob Dalton

Americans love to share our opinions, argue about why we are right and even attack those we perceive to be critical of our own views through the anonymity of social media.  But where does this get us?  Our problems remain and we are left feeling more divided and angry.  The America Connects podcast brings us together -- experts, influencers, and ordinary people -- to search for solutions and seek common ground.

Each America Connects Podcast episode focuses on a topic and explores it from many points of view with a diverse group of Americans from many locations and backgrounds.  Panelists share their ideas on how to solve the issue at hand and discuss how we can move forward as a society.  Topics are as diverse as the guests and include subjects such as renewable energy sources and Americans’ penchant for taking their pets with them everywhere.

Rather than convening another set of pundits to rehash familiar issues, America Connects Podcast flips the script on conventional panel discussion and initiates social engagement to inspire an open forum to find solutions.




About Rob Dalton

Radio host and public relations professional Rob Dalton has spent decades using his voice on behalf of his clients.  In addition to hosting the America Connects Podcast, Rob is the Director of Operations at VNR-1 Communications, Inc., a video and audio communications and PR firm.  He hosted the radio show “Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg” for several years and was the game day voice of SMU Mustangs football from 2016-2019.  Now Rob’s using his voice to lead the discussion on engaging issues we face today.  More than just idle talk, America Connects Podcasts feature the voices of diverse individuals united in a search for solutions.

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